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Fading Fast - Challenge Day 6

Fading Fast

Challenge Day 6 - The Letter F - Fading Fast

Fading fast

Dad, read me a story The one about pirates! And the one about space. And of course we have to read the one about monkeys.

You know the rules One story for bedtime. Pirates, or space, But no monkeys tonight.

If it’s only one story Then I know just the one. The Moon Pirates of Pluto And their brand new pants.

That one again? We just read it last night. Fine, I can do it Get in bed and we’ll start. “The moon pirates of Pluto The most feared in all space, Have a huge problem They’re no tailors on board. ... “As they leave Jupiter Still looking for help... Wait, Dad, you skipped some stuff. You didn’t do Neptune Or even Uranus. And what about Saturns rings?

Fredrick, I just read that These pages right here. Are you falling asleep? I can continue tomorrow.

No dad, it’s fine, My mind just must have wandered Could you read those again? I don’t want to miss anything. “So the pirates decided There’s one thing to do, They hopped in their ship And headed to Neptune.” ... “They sailed on past Venus, Sense no one went there...” Wait, wait, wait! It happened again! You passed some more planets, I’m still at Neptune.

Alright my boy, I’ll try it one more time, Should I start over? Or can I go from here?

I guess here is good, I can remember the rest. The pirates are heading To Earth with their pants. “They passed on to Earth, They’re pants still not fixed...” ... Sleep well my sweet son, Dream big and fun, I’ll be here in the morning Our stories not done.

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