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It's GOLD! - Challenge Day 121

It's GOLD!

Challenge Day 121 - Color Day 30

It’s GOLD!

I did it,

I found it,

It’s gold,

That’s Gold!

I went to the river,

Panning for rocks,

I’m soaking wet,

Way past my socks.

I started panning,

A couple hours ago,

Almost quite 3 times,

With nothing to show.

But it is worth it,

I’m gonna be rich,

I’ve found me some gold,

In this river bed.

My guide said nothing,

He just stood by and watched,

With a smile on his face,

This must happen a lot.

“That’s not gold,

I’m sorry to say,

That’s just a shiny rock,

And it’s the end of our day.”

I hate panning,

I hate the outdoors,

I hate that I wasted,

My day on this chore.

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