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Nina my Ninja Neighbor - Challenge Day 14

Nina my Ninja Neighbor

Challenge Day 14 - The Letter N - Nina my Ninja Neighbor

Nina my Ninja Neighbor Last night, Not too late, Around seven Maybe eight, I saw a ninja, My neighbor, Nina. I’ve met Nina 3 times, Since we came Here last fall. Once at dinner, Once at church, And once At the mall. I knew she was Nice, Sweet, And looked strong. But I never knew, Not even a clue, That she was a ninja, And so flipping cool. But there she went, Dressed all in black, Out her back door, And into the night. At first I thought She wanted to walk, But then she jumped, And she flipped, And disappeared Out of sight. Here I am now, Just after six, Watching, And waiting, For Nina to return. When she does, I’ll be right here, Dressed all in black And ready to learn.

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