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What Day is it? - Challenge Day 48

What Day is it?

Challenge Day 48 - Space Day 18 - What Day is it?

What Day is it?

What day is it?

Where am I?

Who is that?

Wait what?

Let see,

What can I remember.

I left on Tuesday, May 18th.

Heading to the Sun.

I took a left,

And then a right,

And hyper jumped

That once.

I’ve slept for days,

Ran both ways,

And I’ve eaten all

The jelly beans.

We should be close,

We might be far,

It’s hard to tell,

I’m going to yell.

I was told this’d

be a real quick trip.

Zip out,

Take readings,

Back and done.

But now it’s been

So many weeks,

And months,

I’ve lost track of time.

The questions come,

How long til I’m done?

What day is it?

Oh yeah, and where

Is the sun?

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