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Yak Attack! - Challenge Day 87

Yak Attack!

Challenge Day 87 - Animal Day 26

Yak Attack!

I did it,

I did it,

I’m in a movie.

I’m going to be

Yak #3

In Disney’s new

Yak Attack!

It’s a story about

An orphaned yak

Who tries to find

His way home.

I play the

Bully yak who says

“You’re not welcome here.”

Can you believe it!

It’s my very first movie

And I have my own

Speaking part.

“You’re not welcome here.”

Or should I say it in an accent?

How do bullys talk?

And I should definitely get

My horns sharpened.

Do you know a guy?


I’m talking here.

Have you heard a word

I’ve said?


Wait, disconnected…


I hate this

YakPhone X!

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