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Yolanda's Yak - Challenge Day 25

Yolanda's Yak

The Challenge Day 25 - The Letter Y - Yolanda's Yak

Yolanda's Yak

Yolanda’s yak

Doesn’t take any flak.

Or ever look back.

And sleeps in a sack.

Yolanda’s yak runs,

Runs fast just for fun.

And basks in the sun,

Until the days done.

Yolanda’s yak sleeps,

Sleeps long and sleeps deep.

And has secrets she keeps,

But won’t make a peep.

Yolanda’s yak would,

She knows that she should,

Build out house out of wood,

Well she would if she could.

Yolanda’s yak falls,

Trips and falls on a ball.

But don’t worry at all,

The fall was real small.

Yolanda’s yaks jumps,

Jumps high in her pumps,

She lands with a thump,

Right down on her rump.

Yolanda’s yak tries,

Tries hard just to fly.

Fly high in the sky,

But she can’t, so good bye.

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