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Zebras Are First - Challenge Day 91

Zebras Are First

Challenge Day 91 - Animal Day 30

Zebras Are First

A is always first,

Which makes Z seem the worst.

In school, in life,

Every day there is strife.

It stinks to always be

Left to the end of the tree.

Sometimes it’s in line,

And that might be fine.

But then it can be for food,

And that’s rather rude.

Why must it be

That we always end with Z.

Oh how I wish I could embark,

As Amelia Aardvark.

Or even Ben Bear,

Maybe Dan Deer.

I hear some woes

From Tommy Toad.

But nothing can be

As bad as the Z.

From this day on,

I say history begone,

Let’s reverse the trend,

Of Zebras at the end.

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