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Zelfa's Zillion Zebras - Challenge Day 26

Zelfa's Zillion Zebras

Challenge Day 26 - The Letter Z - Zelfa’s Zillion Zebras

Zelfa’s Zillion Zebras

Zelfa’s Zillion Zebras,

Eat all the zebra food.

And when the zebras misbehave,

Zelfa isn’t in the mood.

Zelfa’s zebras run all day,

From morning through the night.

They run and run and run and run,

And run with all their might.

Zelfa’s zebras love to dance,

They dance around with glee.

They dance real fast and dance real slow,

And always dances in threes.

Before the zebras go to bed,

They want a story told.

So every night, before eyes clos,

Zelfa begins to mold.

She weaves a story of lands long gone,

And some so far away.

The Zebras sit and listen,

As some others begin to lay.

And as the story continues,

Adventures old and new.

The Zebras start to fall asleep,

Except for one or two.

And now that they have run and ate,

And are sleeping in sweet and sound.

Zelfa gives them each a kiss,

As she does her nightly rounds.

And just when she gets to the final one,

Her day now finally done.

Zelfa’s day starts back over,

With the rising of the sun.

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