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Adam's Angry Aardvark - Challenge Day 62

Adam's Angry Aardvark

Challenge Day 62 - Animal Day 1 - Adam's Angry Aardvark

Adams Angry Aardvark

Adams angry aardvark

Always ask for apple juice,

And if there isn’t any

All kinds of angst ensues.

Andy is Adam’s Aunts

Adopted alligator,

And when Andy angers Adam,

Adams aardvark blows a fuse.

Adam and his aardvark

Like afternoon adventures,

Airplane races, auto shows,

And anything with Asian food.

Adam needs to give his aardvark

A name but he’s been waiting.

Aardvark’s need a name

That’s admirable and ambitious,

And Adam thinks he has just the one,

Anthony Andrew Alowishus.

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