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The colors have left - Challenge Day 122

The colors have left

Challenge Day 122 - Color Day 31

The colors have left

The colors have left,

They called it a day,

They said they were done,

Though I begged them to stay.

They said it’s the end,

They were through with this stuff,

They are all so tired,

Enough is enough.

I asked them why,

They felt they should leave,

They told me to talk to their leader,

Yellow color named Steve.

“Why Steve, oh why,

Have you left me so?

Why are you leaving?

I really must know.”

“Yes, we are leaving,

But it’s not about you,

Someone else needs us,

For some colorful stew.”

I guess they can go,

I guess that is fine,

It’s the end of the month,

I’ll get them next time.

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