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Am I a fish? - Challenge Day 82

Am I a fish?

Challenge Day 82 - Animal Day 21

Am I a fish?

I have no wings to fly,

In the clear blue sky.

I have no legs to run,

In the shining sun.

I have no beak

Of which to speak.

I have no claws

And I don’t have paws.

I can’t climb trees,

I have no knees.

I don’t have hands,

So I’m not a man.

There are no feathers,

To protect from weather.

I have no fangs,

I have no bangs,

I’m in no gangs,

Or horns to hang.

I swim real well,

I can’t ring bells,

I might be male,

I’m not a whale.

Am I a fish?

Or is that just a wish?

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