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As I Wake - Challenge Day 102

As I Wake

Challenge Day 102 - Color Day 11

As I Wake

As I wake,

Ready for the day,

I slide from bed

And head to the hall.

It’s quite here,

With all the lights off,

It’s just me,

And no one,

Well except for

This moth.

I do my business,

And shower as well,

And no one else is awake,

From what I can tell.

That’s weird,

The day has begun,

I can see the sunlight

With the rise of the sun.

The day is turning,

Colors start to pop,

As the sun brings the light,

The night time forgot.

Down the stairs

And into the fridge,

I can’t start my morning

Without a smidge.

It’s already late,

And the bus comes at eight.

Where is everyone?

The days more than begun.

I just sit,

And I wait,

I know

We will be late.

Late for school,

Late for work,

Late for leaving,

Late, late, late.

I can’t believe

Their all late,

On May 8th.

May 8th?

Oh dang,

It’s Saturday.

Welp, there goes my day!

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