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Bara the Bumbling Banjo - Challenge Day 2

Bara the Bumbling Banjo - Part 1

Bara the Bumbling Banjo - Part 2

So here we are with Day 2, the letter B.

Bara the Bumbling Banjo.

Bara is a banjo,

Bara bumbles,

And Bara believes

He voice will never be beautiful.

Bara bellows brilliantly,

Brining bass from below.

But Bara’s bass is bumblely

And barrels high and low.

Bara practices before he plays,

Beginning with B notes.

But no matter how hard he tries

Bara’s balance blows.

Back when Bara barely knew

His Bluegrass from his Blues,

He would bring bright sounds

Broad and brilliant and true.

But now…

Now he just bumbles.

“Hey Bara, how you doing?” Asked Violet Violin.

“Um. I’m doing alright.

But you aren’t supposed to be here.

Isn’t V day supposed to be Day 22?” Bara replied.

“Well yeah, but I heard your story,

and thought I could help”

So Violet gave Bara brand new strings

And helped him stretch them over his neck.

Bara started to play,

And out came a sound,

Beautiful and deep

And breathtakingly smooth.

And Violet smiled,

And laughed,

And gave Bara a big bear hug.

“I knew you could do it,

But now I must go back to Day 22.

But I’ll see you around,

And I’ll always be close by.

Because sometimes all you need

Is a friend who believes in you,

And a brand new wardrobe.

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