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Bumble Bee - Challenge Day 98

Bumble Bee

Challenge Day 98 - Color Day 7

Bumble Bee

The bumble bee is large and brown,

With paws for hands, giant claws,

And a snout that snarls when mad.

He’s almost 9 feet tall,

And over 1,000 pounds.

“Do you mean a bear?”

So, this bumble bee is green and small,

She hops along with little jumps,

She eats some flies,

And ribbits loud,

And lives among the trees.

“I think that one’s a tree frog.”

Alright, well this bumble bee is as bigger than a bus,

Eats a ton of small fish,

And makes loud whines

As they talk across oceans,

And swim for miles

“I’m sorry, what is this supposed to be about?”


“That’s a whale.”

Ok, maybe I’m confused…

This bumble bee is a bee,

And it bumbles,

That’s it.

“Is that it?”


“Well I guess that’s true.”

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