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Calypso Can't See - Challenge Day 3

Calypso Can't See

Day 3 - The Letter C - Calypso Can't See.

Calypso can’t see

Everything is black.

I am breathing real slow.

I’m down on my knees

and crouched real low.

I can’t see a thing.

I’m starting to worry

as I hear footsteps

go by in a hurry.

I look to the left

and then to my right,

there’s darkness above

I’m squeezed in tight.

We started with six,

who knows who is left.

There is Cathy and Cara,

and I think that was Jeff.

I hear something close,

like shuffling feet,

I hope they can’t hear

my racing heartbeat.

There’s nothing to do,

they know where I hid.

Inside of the basket,

with the red lid.

I can suddenly see,

the light is blinding.

I guess it’s my turn,

to do all the finding.

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