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Cat Dreams - Challenge Day 70

Cat Dreams

Challenge Day 70 - Animal Day 9 - Cat Dreams

Cat Dreams

There’s a reason why

Cats sleep so much,

It’s because they’re always dreaming.

That’s why if you look,

When their eyes are closed,

You can see their faces beaming.

It’s not that they don’t like the world

With its long days

And pitch black nights.

It’s just that they would rather be

Dreaming of milk waterfalls

And cat nip delights.

There are pillow large,

And blankets soft,

And balls of yarn that hang.

Of course there are humans too,

But they are just for scratches,

They do not rule this cat domain.

Cats can be whatever they want,

Some choose cheetahs, tigers,

And of course the king lion.

But there are some

That really wish,

They could just be in the sun lying.

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