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Cloud Putt Putt - Challenge Day 76

Cloud Putt Putt

Challenge Day 76 - Animal Day 15

Cloud Putt Putt

Up in the sky,

Above the clouds,

There’s a clamoring of birds,

All talking real loud.

There’s a new attraction

For the young and the old,

To hang out together,

As they let golf balls roll.

The first holes are up cloud,

As you make your way round,

They’ve got bright colors

And their themes are all of the ground.

Next come the holes that require

A good bit of power.

A family of sparrows have been

On those for an hour.

In the middle come holes

Made for the lightest of swings,

Their hard for the large birds with

Their gigantic wings.

Then come the holes that are

As you start to head down,

They’re big and they’re long

And they form a putt town.

Last are the holes that jump

From one cloud to another.

They’re hardest, and longest,

And the golf ball are hitting each other.

This is the game of putt putt

Way up in the sky.

And if you’re hit with a falling golf ball

Now you know why.

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