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Elanor the Elastic Elephant - Challenge Day 5

Elanor the Elastic Elephant

Challenge Day 5 - The Letter E - Elanor the Elastic Elephant

So I wrote this story like the rest of the stories, and then my wife told me she loved it and I should turn this into a full book. So below is a portion of what I wrote for the day, but there will be more to come...

Elanor the Elastic Elephant

Elanor the elephant has quite a unique gift,

She is elastic.

From the tip of her trunk to the tuft of her tail,

Everything stretches on her.

From the time she was born

She could wrap her ears around her head nineteen and a half times.

When was bath time

She would stretch her legs all the way across the lake.

And now, she loves to let all the other animals

Use her tail as a giant jump rope.

Elanor loves to stretch…

Well at least she used to.

Last month, her Mom asked if she could

Reach way up and grab some bark that only she could reach.

But now, every day, half the heard lines ups

For their turn.

And two weeks ago, just before dinner

Her brother Evan asked her to get the water from the middle of the lake.

He said that’s where all the sweet water comes from.

But now, before dinner, Elanor spends two hours getting water.

And just last week, in the heat of the day

Her Dad asked her to move the highest branches to give him better shade.

Now, she spends half her rest adjusting branches

For all of the elder elephants.

And yesterday, during a particularly hard rain

Elanor’s younger sister Eve asked her for cover.

Not ten minutes later,

Elanor had stretched over the whole village.

Elanor used to love to stretch,

And now she feels stretched too thin.

Look for the rest of the story in 2020!

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