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Evan Eats Everything - Challenge Day 27

Evan Eats Everything

Challenge Day 27 - The Letter E part 2 - Evan Eats Everything

Evan Eats Everything

We can’t have Evan come over anymore.

He eats everything.

He eats all the food,

No matter how old.

Then he eats all the containers

In which they are sold.

He eats the pickles

And their jars just as fast.

On to the cereal,

The box and the bag.

He eats all chicken

Including the bone,

And then he eats the gravy

And the can it came in.

He eats every egg,

Not forgetting their shells,

And then on to the carton

Washing it all down with our milk.

He eats all the fruit,

Skin, peel, and seeds.

He eats all pasta,

Sauce, and meatballs.

Plus the cheese and lunch meet

And every piece of bread.

I’ve never met someone who ate quite so much.

It cannot be healthy and I have no more food money.

He ate the last ice cream,

As well as the box.

There is nothing left,

Except for the fridge.

And now he’s eating that,

I wonder what’s next.

No Evan’s not welcome

Anymore at our home.

Please call his parents…

He just ate our phone.

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