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First Day in Space - Challenge Day 31

First Day in Space

Challenge Day 31 - Space Day 1 - First Day in Space

First Day in Space

I am an Earthian…



I am from Earth.

Well I guess I am technically from second Earth.

Earth 2.0 some say.

I don’t say that, but some do.

So I am from Earth,

But I’m headed to space.

For school.

On Earth all kids go to school in space.

Well they go to space from 3rd grade on.

Today is my first day of 3rd grade.

In Space.

I’m excited.

And a little nervous.

Well I’m really nervous.

Ok, ok, I’m terrified.

I mean it’s just a twenty-minute trip,

But it’s a trip through space,

To the academic space station.

But I don’t really want to go.


What if I don’t fit in?

What if no one like me?

What if I can’t do it?

Wait, what?

Today is chicken finger and mac and cheese day?

When do we leave?

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