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Gary Fish Can't Dance - Challenge Day 75

Gary Fish Can't Dance

Challenge Day 75 - Animal Day 14

Gary Fish Can’t Dance

Gary’s finally done it,

He’s made it to middle school,

But there’s just one problem,

There’s no chance he will be cool.

Elementary school was hard,

He was a tall and clumsy lance,

But this year was his chance,

At least until the first dance.



Gary can’t dance,

He doesn’t have a chance.

He can’t Waltz,

He can’t Samba,

He can’t Twerk,

Or even Mambo.

The dance is tomorrow,

And he has two left fins,

He doesn’t want to go,

And never again fit in.

He figured he’d just stay home,

With his mom and his dad,

But they made him go,

And there was no choice to be had.

So here he is now,

About to walk into the gym,

Hoping not to be the worst,

Or middle school will be grim.

But as he walks in,

He notices something divine,

Not a fish is a dancing,

They’re just standing in lines.

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