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George the Giraffe's Gigantic Gaffe - Challenge Day 7

George the Giraffe's Gigantic Gaffe

Challenge Day 7 - The Letter G

George the Giraffe’s Gigantic Gaffe

George Farted.

It was loud.

It was long.

And it was in the middle of class.

Everyone stopped

And looked up real quick.

Mrs. Goodson, his teacher,

Stopped teaching her lesson.

In the blink of an eye

George turned different colors.

From white to bright pink, and then on to blue,

Until finally the deepest shade of red.

He mumbled, and stuttered,

And couldn’t get any words out.

Sweat poured down his face

As he tried to figure out what to do next.

Just when he knew nothing

Could get worse,

He heard a little giggle

From his best friend Gus.

The giggle turned into

A small little laugh,

And it grew into more

To a full bellied roar.

Then the rest of the class

Began to join in

First just a little, then a bit more

Until everyone was laughing.

Even Mrs. Goodson’s smile

Started to show,

As she stifled her laughter,

Trying to quiet the class.

Last to join in

George let out a snort.

He couldn’t but laugh

With everyone else.

They all finally started to clam

And George smiled again

As he thought of his fart gaffe

And how it made them all laugh!

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