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Gerbil Demolition Derby - Challenge Day 79

Gerbil Demolition Derby

Challenge Day 79 - Animal Day 18

Gerbil Demolition Derby

Deep in the south,

In the back woods,

Is a village of gerbils,

Called the West Zoods.

They love to go fast,

And they love to race,

They love to wreck cars,

And throw pie in the winners face.

On Fridays, and Wednesday’s,

And Saturdays as well,

They have Demolition Derby,

In the heart of the dell.

Everyone in Zoods,

From the young to the old,

Come out to cheer the derby,

Even in the cold.

There’s food and drinks,

And some gerbils who dance,

And of course mini, tiny,

Horses that do their prance.

The race starts early,

And the crashes start now,

Everyone’s cheering,

With their oohs and their wows.

The races go all night long,

And sometimes into the next day,

And no matter what,

Every gerbil loves to say.

“How bout that Derby?

Did you get a chance to go?

I tried to leave early,

But it was too good a show.”

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