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Green Apple Sweater - Challenge Day 94

Green Apple Sweater

Challenge Day 94 - Color Day 3

Green Apple Sweater

There are few things better

Then my green apple sweater.

It’s warm,

And lovely,

And makes me cuddly.

I wear it all day

And I wear it all night,

But as I grow older,

It’s just a bit tight.

I’ve stretched it out left,

And back to the right,

But I can’t wash it,

It might come out wrong.

My favorite part of the sweater I wear

Is that it’s tastes like those apple gummy bears.

I chew on the sleeves,

I chew on the collar,

And when my sees me,

She starts to holler.

“Stop that chewing,

Your sweater won’t last.”

How can I stop,

This thing is a blast.

But lately I’ve noticed,

After all these years,

The flavor has soured,

It’s worse then I fear.

There are rips,

And tears,

And holes that are growing,

It might be the time

For a new sweater

To start owning.

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