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I is Missing! - Challenge Day 9

I is missing

Challenge Day 9 - The Letter I - I is Missing!

I is missing!

Can someone please help?

I can’t find the I…

It’s missing.

Look what happens when I try to type

“ n the year 1532,

There l ved a girl named Kat e.”

What should I do?

It is normally right there

Between the O and the U

Right above the K and the J.

If I don’t have an I

I will lose so many words.

Names will change:

Ivan – Van

Izzy - Zzy

Isiah – S ah

Irene - Rene

Issac – Ssac

Not to mention all the

Animals we’re going to lose:




And all the animals from India

And worst of all

I won’t even be able to say

I anymore.

I guess I’ll have to say me.

Me am hungry…

Ehhh, that’s bad.

What if I try ‘eye’ instead?

Eye am hungry…

That’s not much better

And super confusing.



I guess it is time for me

To embrace the new I.

Eye already hate th’eye’s

Eye th’eye’nk eye am just go’eye’ng

To try and not us

‘Eye’t anymore.

“Excuse me, Miss.

I think you dropped

Your I.

Here you go.”

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