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Jessi Jumps - Challenge Day 28

Jessi Jumps

The Challenge Day 28 - The Letter J part 2 - Jessi Jumps

Jessi Jumps

Jessi jumps through the day

And most of the night,

He jumps to the left

But never the right.

Jessi jumps way too high

And jumps really low,

He jumps really fast

And super, duper slow.

Jessi’s been jumping since

He was just 3 days old,

He’s been jumping and hoping,

Never being told.

Jessi loves it the most

When he can invent something new,

Something clever, and daring

Maybe with only one shoe.

Just last week

Jessi made a new jump,

A one footed, heel kicker,

With an added foot pump.

But there’s always been one,

That he’ll try here real soon,

It the biggest jump ever

A jump to the moon.

He’s been training, and training,

And training some more,

He’s going to attempt it

At quarter past four.

He’s stretched, and he’s studied,

There’s nothing else left,

But to try and get there

While holding his breath.

He squats down low

Almost to the floor,

Then springs up so fast

We see him no more.

Well he made it halfway

Between the Earth and the Moon,

But now he is stuck

Up in space until June.

Don’t worry though

He’ll be more than fine,

He’s training continually

And he’ll make it next time.

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