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Jessica Just Wants a Jaguar - Challenge Day 10

Jessica Just Wants a Jaguar

Challenge Day 10 - The Letter J - Jessica Just Wants a Jaguar.

Jessica just wants a Jaguar

Jessica wants a jaguar.

All Jessica has ever wanted is a jaguar.

Since the time she was 3,

When she looks at a tree,

She pictures her jaguar

Waiting to play with her.

Every birthday she makes the same wish.

Every shooting star that she sees,

Lamp that she rubs,

She asks for the one thing.

A jaguar.

She hopes on every eyelash that falls,

lady bug seen,

11:11 on the clock,

Wishbone she breaks,

Dandelion she blows,

And penny she throws into a wishing well,

That that jaguar will be hers.

Even today,

As her family heads to the zoo,

She knows that all she will do,

Is run to the jaguars,

Way in the back,

And pick out the one

She wants to bring home.


Jasmine is Jessica’s jaguar.

Jasmine is everything that Jessica has ever wanted.

Oh wait, what’s that?


It looks like a tiny kangaroo

With big giant ears.

Look how cuteeeee!

I think I love it!

Jessica just wants a Jerboa,

It’s all Jessica has ever wanted.

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