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Jokes - Challenge Day 50


Challenge Day 50 - Space Day 20 - Jokes


What is the barricade after D called?


What do you call a cow on the grass?


What do you call a concrete block made out of ‘the’ in Spanish?


What do musicians call hot chocolate on Dios de las Muertos?


Why does Elsa like cheap hamburgers?

Because they’re Frozen

What do you call it when to celebrities get into a fight?

Star Wars

What do you call Han Solo’s clone?

Han Duo

What would you call the Mighty Ducks next movie that happens on the Millennium Falcon?

R2-D4 Might Ducks

What do you call the top liar in the world?

The Lying King

What is the opposite of a young child outside?


What do you call a necktie that’s isn’t very smart?


What color did the dwarves paint their house?

Snow White

What happens when you mix Rapunzel with Flynn Ryder?

You get Tangled

What do you call a woman’s pool stick that when it goes home?


What do you call cookware belonging to Mr. Piper?

Peter’s Pan

What do you call Larry and Curly’s friend and his girlfriend?


What is Mowgli’s favorite thing to read?

A Jungle Book

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