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Jupiter - Challenge Day 33


Challenge Day 33 - Space Day 3 - Jupiter



I’m a boy,

I’m from Jupiter,

I am not stupider.



A long time ago,

We sent one message to Earth.

I guess what we sent

Wasn’t correct,

But that doesn’t make us stupid.

Or even stupider.

We just had a poor translation.

We’ve tried ever since,

But nothing,

No change.

Earth still sends us their boys

So they can get more stupider.

And they send their girls

To college,

To get more knowledge.

We’re tired of only getting

Your boys.

And we’re tired of you thinking

That coming here makes the boys stupider.

Jupiter is ranked as the top planet in the galaxy

For education as well as technological advancement.

It was just one mistake…

“Hello, we is Jupiter.”

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