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Kneel Pawstrong - Challenge Day 36

Kneel Pawstrong

Challenge Day 36 - Space Day 6 - Kneel Pawstrong

Kneel Pawstrong

The day – July 20th, 1969

Place – The Moon

Crew – Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, Kneel Pawstrong

We know about Neil,

We know about Buzz,

But what about Kneel?

Kneel Pawstrong

Was a Golden Retriever

Born in south Georgia.

His parents,

Mary Puppins and Sherlock Bones,

Had Kneel in 1964

And knew that he was

Made for something special.

A year after his birth,

They moved to Cape Canaveral, Florida

For Sherlock’s new job

at NASA!

The goal…

Get the first dog to the moon.

You see,

Every dog knows

That NASA needs dogs astronauts,

Called Dogtronauts,

Even more then they need humans.

But they keep it quiet,

Humans just couldn’t handle it.

So when they moved

Kneel decided that he wanted…

No he knew that he had to do it.

Become a Dogtronaut.

And become a Dogtronaut he did.

Not only did he do it,

He became the best.

The strongest,

The smartest,

And the most ready for space.

Training hand in hand with the guys,

They all prepared

For the trip into outer space.

They trained night and day,

And became quite the team,

Ready for the challenges

They’d see on the way.

The launch was a success,

All the way to the moon,

Until they started their descent.

Something went wrong,

Nothing anyone could do,

Except Kneel,

had trained for this.

With his paws,

And his mouth,

And even his tail,

He guided them safely down.

As a thanks for his work,

They let him go first,

The first dog, man, and animal,

To walk on the moon.

So next time that you

Find yourself looking up

Late at night.

Don’t forget about Kneel,

The first dog on the moon,

And his famous first words,

“Bark, bark bark bark bark.”

Which roughly translates to

“This is one small step for dog,

One giant leap… Um…

I’m on the moon.”

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