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Macaroni and Cheese - Challenge Day 100

Macaroni and Cheese

Challenge Day 100 - Color Day 9

Macaroni and Cheese

There’s nothing more yummy

Then macaroni and cheese.

It’s creamy and cheesy

And makes me weak in the knees.

I don’t care if it’s box made

Or has a fancy cheese trio,

All that I care about

Is that it’s going in my tummio.

I like the noodles

Cooked soft and ready,

I especially like noodles,

That hold my cheese steady.

For cheese I’m looking for

Some melty goodness,

And of course that delicious

Perfect cheesy boldness.

So just for my birthday

My mom made me the best,

Mac n’ Cheese with six chesses

A wonderful melty mess.

But there is just one thing,

Mac n’ cheese should be yellow.

But these noodles are turquoise

And I just heard my mom say “Ut oh!”

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