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Marsians - Challenge Day 54


Challenge Day 54 - Space Day 24 - Marsians


There’s people on Mars,

I don’t know if you knew that.

They’re tall

And they’re strong,

And they love to play cricket.

Although we’ve been told

That Mars is all read,

It’s actually as colorful

As a rainbow,

With forests of gold.

The seas are all yellow,

With fish of all colors,

The mountains are short

And the hills gigantic,

The only thing red

Are the clouds overhead.

There are pools so clear,

You can see the whole bottom,

And others so dark,

There’s nothing but deep

And dark black.

I know what you’re thinking,

There have been pictures

And rovers

And plenty of things

That have shown what Mars looks like.

But the truth is,

The Marsians know,

That if they showed us the truth,

Everyone would do whatever

They could to go.

Marsians love their home,

And they love having guests,

But there’s only one problem,

Marsians are all completely

Allergic to humans.

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