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Mighty Moose Stretch - Challenge Day 13

Mighty Moose Stretch

Challenge Day 13 - The Letter M - Mighty Moose Stretch

So this one is a little different, I already had an outline on this story before I started the challenge, but I did do almost a complete rewrite, so I figured that would fit the bill.

Mighty Moose Stretch

Early in the morning,

Before the sun shines bright.

The Mighty Moose awakens,

Shaking off the night.

It’s quite in the forest,

But it won’t be for too long,

Here comes the Mighty Moose

With his morning Moose-ly Song.

Wake up, wake up, WAKE UP!!!

He yells for all to hear,

Wake up, wake up, WAKE UP!!!

Yes, even you my deer.

It’s morning in the forest,

As everyone gathers round.

It’s time for morning stretching,

With feet upon the ground.

It looks like they’ve all made it,

Except the lazy snake.

But he has no legs or feet or knees,

So, he can join in late.

Together now they all join in,

As Moose warms up his voice.

Ready for the stretch to start,

He gives everyone a choice.

“Should we start from way down low,

Stretching out our feet?

Or should we start with heads held high,

Nodding to the beat?”

The answers come from left and right,

As the bear says, “I don’t know.”

But as it is with every morning,

Most want to start down low.

Mighty Moose begins as he always does

Starting off real slow,

“Now tap your feet in a steady beat

And let the rhythm flow.”

Feet to the left

Feet to the right

Feet up and down

Now out of sight.

And we wiggle and jiggle and stir our feet

Stretching along to the Mighty Moose beat.

Right above the feet

We get to the knees

And move them all over

Like excited bees.

And we wiggle and jiggle and shake our knees

Stretching along with Mighty Moose ease.

Our middle is next

We know they all need it.

Move your torso in circles

There’s no time to quit.

And wiggle and jiggle and vibrate your middle

As we sing along to this Mighty Moose diddle.

We’ve come to the arms,

Swing them high overhead.

Swing them to swing the fro,

And then back and ahead.

And wiggle and jiggle and swing your arms free

Stretching along with Mighty Moose in glee.

Last is our head,

It’s the place at the top.

Bob it and weave it

And don’t let it drop.

And wiggle and jiggle and move your head well

As we finish this stretch and our Mighty Moose tale.

The sun is now up in the forest below

And the Mighty Moose knows he put on a show.

Tomorrow will start again after bed

But maybe tomorrow they can start with their head.

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