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Monkey Business - Challenge Day 81

Monkey Business

Challenge Day 81 - Animal Day 20

Monkey Business

Monkeys may seem like

They all mess around,

But most monkeys aren’t like that,

And have their feet on the ground.

Zoo monkeys just play,

No care in the world,

While normal monkeys have jobs

With no feces to hurl.

You see monkey business

Was taken to describe monkeys playing,

But real monkey business

Is when monkeys are paying.

Monkeys are great at math

Science and reading,

They are great thinkers,

And their philosophers worth heading.

Monkeys have been to

The moon and back,

And monkeys have discovered

The lost island of Drack.

Monkey are bankers

And lawyers who sue,

They’re doctors, and mechanics,

And race car drivers too.

So next time you think

Hey monkeys just play,

Remember that monkey

Have a lot more to say.

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