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Ned the Spaceman is not alone - Challenge Day 37

Ned the Spaceman is not alone

Challenge Day 37 - Space Day 7 - Ned the Spaceman is not alone

Ned the Spaceman is not alone (Day 7)

Ned the Spaceman just entered space,

With his ship, and a jacket,

And sunglasses on his face.

Ned decided to make a ship from old parts,

In his back yard, in a shed,

No instructions or charts.

Ned took off and left, no plan where to go,

He just launched his ship,

To where, no one knows.

But he’s gone, or he’s going, well we know that he went.

It’s just him, by himself,

And his stuffed monkey named Brent.

Ned’s headed out, further than anyone before,

Out past Mars, and Uranus,

Out through our galaxy’s back door.

Ned’s traveling fast, fifteen times the speed of light,

He’s traveling far, and alone,

Deep into the night.

Well he says he’s alone, maybe he thinks that he is,

But there’s something following,

Right behind that space ship of his.

It’s big, and it’s black, almost impossible to see,

But it’s right there behind him,

Like a giant black bee.

The ship is just watching, keeping its distance,

Waiting for Ned,

To notice their existence.

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