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Neptune - Challenge Day 56


Challenge Day 56 - Space Day 26 - Neptune


You never really know

What it’s like until you’re there.

I always thought it’d be cool,

Who wants to be me when you

Can be him.

Come on who wouldn’t want to,

Who hasn’t dreamed of it.

It’s something so special

And memorable.


Well at least that’s what I thought.

I always wanted to be last,

The final one,

Number 9 of 9.

And now that I am,

I wish I wasn’t.

The problem isn’t being last,

It’s being last second.

When I dreamed of the day

That I would be the last planet

In our solar system,

I never thought I’d have to compete

With the memory of Pluto.

The saying doesn’t make

Sense anymore

“My very educated mother

Just served us nine...”


Served us nine what?

And if someone were to ask you

How many planets are in our solar system,

You would say 9,

And then remember that there are 8 now.

And then you think of Pluto.


Giving me more grief now

Then when you were a planet.

I’m Neptune,

I’m important,

People are supposed to remember me.

But they don’t.

I’m just one of the unimportant.

It really couldn’t be worse


Well unless I was Uranus.

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