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Petunia’s Purple Pliger - Challenge Day 16

Petunia's Purple Pliger

Challenge Day 16 - The Letter P - Petunia's Purple Pliger

Petunia's Purple Pliger

One day, not too long ago,

When Petunia was playing princess at the park,

She came across an animal,

That was like nothing she had ever seen.

It was average size,

And average weight,

But had a duck bill for a mouth,

And strips all down it’s back.

Petunia saw it in the pond,

Chasing the ducks around.

And she fell in love right away,

It was just so cuddly and weird.

Its face was round and cute,

With eyes bright yellow and clear.

And his fur was a lovely purple,

With black stripes from head to tail.

He looked kinda like a cat,

But bigger and more fun.

His face looked more like a duck,

Except no feathers or webbed feet.

Petunia decided he must be a Pliger,

Half platypus half tiger.

She had never heard of one,

But she could tell that’s what he had to be.

Petunia went right at him,

Running at full speed,

And the Pliger went a running,

Hiding in a nearby bush.

Petunia thought for a minute,

Then grabbed some mud,

And rubbed it all over in stipes,

Just like the Pliger.

The Pliger did nothing.

So, Petunia took some of her markers

And colored the rest of herself purple.

The Pliger still did nothing.

So Petunia grabbed some crackers and a string

And tied it around her head, giving herself a duckbill.


Petunia had an idea.


She took some candy out of her bag,

And laid it down in front of the Pliger.

Slowly, the Pliger crept out to smell it.

Then lick it.

Then eat it whole!

And after he finished he sat.

Waiting for more.

Petunia inched closer,

The Pliger looked up.

Petunia moved again,

The Pligers ears stood straight up.

Petunia reached out her hand,

Full of sweet candy.

The Pliger looked,

And smelled,

And licked,

And came in real close.

Petunia pet his head,

And the Pliger began to purr.

And he rolled over,

For Petunia to scratch his stomach.

And when the sun finally started to set,

Petunia knew she needed to head home.

She got up, said goodbye and gave him a hug,

And left.

And so did the Pliger.

Petunia told him to stay,

But he didn’t know what that meant.

Petunia tried to run,

But he was faster, and she couldn’t get away.

Petunia knew there was only one thing to do.

Take him home with her.

So, Petunia went home,

And the Pliger did too,

And Petunia’s mother can’t understand

Where all the candy has gone.

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