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Pluto's Moon - Challenge Day 32

Pluto's Moon

Challenge Day 32 - Space Day 2 - Pluto's Moon

Pluto’s Moon


One of Pluto’s moons.

Has had enough.

She is moving.

Maybe to Neptune,

But he already has 13 other moons.

Well then how about Saturn?

Titan always dominates that space.

And Jupiter already has 67.

But Mercury,

Mercury has no moons.

Charon is moving to Mercury,

She needs to.

She has to.

Hardly anyone knows the names of any moons,

Especially one on a planet that’s no longer a planet.

If she could just get into the right orbit…

Wait a second,

I thought Mercury didn’t have any moons.

But there’s Metis and Sinope from Jupiter,

Rhea from Saturn, and most of Uranus’ moons as well.

And is that Nix and Hydra from Pluto.

“What is everyone doing here?”

“Well we heard you were moving, so we invited some friends.”

“That’s it, I’m moving to Venus!”

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