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Q Gets Into Everything - Challenge Day 17

Q Gets Into Everything

Challenge Day 17 - The Letter Q - Q Gets Into Everything

Q Gets Into Everything


Watch out.

Q is on the loose,

And she’s getting into everything.

It started with qake,

And continued with qatfish,

On through qoalas,

And qaffles,


And qeyboards.

We saved the manatees,

But lost the qolphins,

And the quirrls too.

We don’t know how to make her stopped.

We tried offering cookies,

But she turned them into qookies.

We tried catching her in a net,

But it became a qet before we could stop it.

We even tried singing her a song,

But all we got back was a qong.

What should we do?

What can we do?

This is all qrong,

She’s qot me too!

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