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Quit Calling Me Lion - Challenge Day 73

Quit Calling Me Lion

Challenge Day 73 - Animal Day 12 - Quit Calling Me Lion

Stop Calling Me Lion

Do you know

That Lions

Are noble and proud?

We travel in prides,

Own the grasslands,

And keep peace in the crowd.

We’re known for our size,

Our manes,

And or roars.

But more importantly,

We’re known for

Our cores.

We are always prompt,

We love our families,

And the color blue.

We like to run,

We laugh a lot,

And everything that we say is true.

That’s right,

You may have heard,

That sometimes we lie.

But that’s not the truth,

We don’t lie,

We couldn’t even if we try.

Lions don’t lie,

And Cheetahs don’t cheat.

But beavers do play bongos

With a sick thumping beat.

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