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R Doesn't Want To - Challenge Day 18

R Doesn't Want To

Challenge Day 18 - The Letter R - R Doesn't Want To

R Doesn't Want To

R, what’s up?

Why won’t you play?

I just don’t want to,

Now how, no way.

R, come on,

The suns shining bright.

I’m not interested,

I don’t want to fight.

R, let’s go,

We can ride bikes.

I think that’s something

I really won’t like.

R, it’s time,

How ‘bout a swim?

No, just no,

I’m not going Jim.

R, okay,

But let’s do something,

I hear what you’re saying,

But I’m doing nothing.

R, that’s fine,

Then I’m going go.

I’m sorry, your right,

But you should know.

I’m a R.

I can only do R things.

Roller coasters,



Robot boxing.

I thought you knew that…

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