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Red is Gone - Challenge Day 103

Red is Gone

Challenge Day 103 - Color Day 12

Red is gone

Red is gone,

It’s not been long,

It feels so wrong,

To leave him behind.

We’ve still got green,

Although he’s mean,

And mighty lean,

But he should be fine.

Yellow’s mellow,

Quite a fellow,

He’s British, ‘Ello!’

But we like him anyways.

Pink’s on edge,

Over the hedge,

But she pledged,

To stay with us.

Purple’s done,

Never begun

Really not fun,

But she’s here.

Of course we’ve blue

Who is the glue,

To hold our shoes,

To our feet.

But red’s not dead,

Just back in bed,

Sinus flu in her head,

Hope she’s better soon

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