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Red, White, and Blue - Challenge Day 95

Red, White, and Blue

Challenge Day 95 - Color Day 4

Red, White, and Blue

Red, white, and blue,

I am missing a shoe,

I think that’s dog poo,

Oh God, who knew.

Blue, red, and white,

These jeans are tight,

I slept in them last night,

Something’s not right.

White, blue, and red,

What’s that you said?

It’s time for bed,

At least I’m fed.

What do you think

Of my July 4th poems?

I like where they started,

But I’m still working on them.

I think that is great,

But you’re just a bit late,

July 4th has already come,

You’re too late on this one.

It’s July 9th already.

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