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Sergio the Shark can't draw is OFFICIALLY LIVE!!!

Sergio the Shark can't draw

It is my pleasure to announce that after a year and a half in the making, Sergio the Shark can’t draw is official a children’s book that you can buy. It was definitely a ton of hard work, but more than worth it. Below is the link to the book on Amazon and I am so thankful for the help from Chloe Dam, Summer Stokes, and everyone who has continued to make sure that this passion project never died.

A few notes: 1) I wrote this book under the name Moose and Koala. And then I started a business to help people do the same thing. So anything labeled Moose and Koala is Chloe and I. 2) I have a Facebook page (Moose and Koala), Instagram (mooseandkoala), Pinterest (Moose and Koala), and website ( that have stories and updates from Sergio and other stories that I have been writing. I would love if you liked and followed these! 3) If you are a teacher, I have a limited amount of free copies that I would love to give out. If you would email me at with your name, school, and requesting a copy, I would love to give you a free book (while they last). And if you've already bought one, let me know and we can work something out. 4) We are doing a launch party for Sergio on Wednesday, May 8th, at 8pm. Right now, the plan is to do the launch party on Facebook live, but if there is interest, we were thinking about opening our house up (message me if you’re wanting to do that and we’ll make it happen). There will be some giveaways and some free books as well!

Thanks again and I am stoked for the next book, Sergio the Shark can’t speak Swahili… Look for it in 2020!

Amazon -

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