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Shades of Red - Challenge Day 96

Shades of Red

Challenge Day 96 - Color Day 5

Shades of Red

There are so many shades of red

That have their own names instead.

Ruby is red that looks like a gem,

And a perfect color for a dress and a hem.

Pink is red that has gone light,

And the color of lips that smile bright.

Maroon is much darker then the pink,

What pirates do instead of making you sink.

Crimson’s the color of some sports teams,

That hope that winning is more than a dream.

Then there is coral, more than just in the sea,

A color for weddings and brides to be.

Rust is almost as brown as it is red,

The color of metal just before it is dead.

Scarlet is bold and beautiful too,

The name of a book about this hue.

Magenta has a little purpley type,

And completely lives up to the hype.

Raspberry and strawberry are fruitful colors,

And great for a shirt and it’s starched collar.

Mahogany is wood with a red tinge,

For tables, and shelves, and doors with a hinge.

For shiny there’s nothing quite like candy apple,

For sports cars and boats that are supple.

Fire engine red is as red as they come,

The main color of red for more than just some.

And don’t forget lava, dangerous and hot,

More than just for science fairs spots.

Red is the color of love that we’ve seen,

And of everything there is in between.

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