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Spa Day - Challenge Day 21

Spa Day

Challenge Day 51 - Space Day 21 - Spa Day

Spa Day

I’m so confused,

Isn’t the month of May

Supposed to be about Space?

Well yes,

It is,

And today works.

No it doesn’t,

We are going to a spa,

No space.

Just wait,

I promise you,

There will be space today.


Yesterday barely qualified.

A joke about Wall-E

And Star Wars,

Does not count.

First off,

They do,

And that was funny.

Second off,

Today will work.

You just have to trust me.

How in the world

Is a spa day

Going to count on space month?

You should be working on this harder.

I’m not only working on it,

I am getting better,

And more creative,

And today will be perfect…

It’s on you,

I hope you’re right,

Here we are.

Spa CE


Where’s the space?

This is just a normal spa.

Read it again.

Spa CE


Spa CE.

I don’t get it.

Put the two together.


Now as one word.



I’m leaving.

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