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Space Race - Challenge Day 47

Space Race

Challenge Day 47 - Space Day 17 - Space Race

Space Race


This is going to be a

Nice, clean race.

No bumping.

No cheating.

No shortcuts.

No name calling.

Nothing but racing.

It will be 3 laps,

Starting at Pluto,

Weave in between the planets

On the way to the sun.

Circle the sun 3 times,

Weave your way back,

And then tag your teammates hand.

They will do the same

And you will keep going until

You’ve both done your 3 laps.

Winner will receive Pluto.

“Wait, can you just give away Pluto?”

Sure can,

It’s not even a planet anymore.

“But what are we going to do with it?”

I don’t know kid,

That’s up to you.

Maybe go to Earth,

Steal the best basketball player in the world,

And set up an amusement park where

People can come and play him,

And beat him,

And then he’ll sign autographs…



Andy other questions?

“Yes!” What Dylon?

“What are we doing again?”


“Oh cool, where?”

That’s it Dylon,

You’re out,

No Pluto for you.

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