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Space Whales - Challenge Day 45

Space Whales

Challenge Day 45 - Space Day 15 - Space Whales

The Space Whales

Whales in space,

There are whales in space,

Nobody told me there

Are whales in space.

There are big ones,

And small ones,

And baby ones too.

They are bright orange,

And pink,

And polka dotted blue.

Some swim together,

And some are alone,

But they all swim slowly,

And they all spray foam.

I don’t know where they came from,

Or where they had started,

But they all were swimming toward

Somewhere uncharted.

I watched them swim,

For an hour or so,

Right up until it was

Time to go.

But the space whales keep going,

Even when no one sees.

They swim out in space,

And in interstellar seas.

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