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The City of Comet - Challenge Day 57

The City of Comet

Challenge Day 57 - Space Day 27 - The City of Comet

The City of Comet

The City of Comet,

Is on the Astroid Ceres,

Sitting right between

Mars and Jupiter.

It’s a terrible name,

Comet that is,

Because there’s already

Enough confusion between

The two: asteroid and comet.

You see asteroids are rocks

That orbit the sun,

And comets are ice and rock

That come from elsewhere.

They both can be big,

And comets have tails,

But they’re both get

Mistaken sometime.

But one real wise guy,

Named Bob, or Bobby,

Or something, thought

It’d be fun to name

The capital city of Ceres


So now you can officially say

That it’s a Comet and an asteroid.

No one likes Bob, Bobby, whatever,

He didn’t stay long in this place.

Just long enough to get to

Name a few things:

The city Comet,

In the state of Meteor,

Right smack dab in the continent


And don’t worry,

The Presidents house is called

The Meteoroid.

So yes,

The president sits in

The Meteoroid,

In Comet,

In Meteor,

In Meteorite,

All while still being on an asteroid.

Bob’s the worst.

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