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White Night - Challenge Day 119

White Night

Challenge Day 119 - Color Day 28

White Night

Something happened

Late last night,

A big, flashing,

Brilliant light.

Sleeping heavy,

In my bed,

The light went off

Above my head.

I didn’t know

What it was, But it gave me

Quite a buzz.

It happened quick,

It happened fast,

It happened late,

But didn’t last.

I jumped out of bed,

Headed down the hall,

I squatted down,

Nice and small.

My parents room,

Was all black,

So I jumped

Onto their back.

They put me in

The space between,

And I feel asleep,

Began to dream.

I forgot to tell

Them about the light.

But I’m too comfortable,

It should be alright.

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